Multi-Modal Transit Hub at existing railway station 1- Station Area Traffic Improvement Scheme (EAST)

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Overall Project Completion

Thane Railway station is one of the oldest railway station in India, under central railway Thane is one of the most crowded sub-urban station in MMR region.

Daily 7.50 Lakh commuters use Thane Railway Station. To reach Thane Station commuters have to travel through the narrow roads in old city and congested areas due to which load on the station connecting roads has increased a lot and traffic congestion has become a daily issue, so SATIS East is proposed based on Multimodal Transit Hub constructed at Thane West – SATIS West.

Project coverage

  • The project comprises of the elevated bridge having a total length of 2.24 Km starting from Tuljha Bhavani Temple, Eastern Express highway service road to Kopri Knahyanagar MJP Office under which 1.693 Km has three lanes of 12 m Wide and balance 0.547 Km two-lane having 8.5 m wide.
  • Along this elevated road, construction of deck area for Public Transport Management near Thane Railway Station East with the size of 9000 Sq.m consists of Basement, Ground Floor, Middle Floor, Deck Area.
  • This deck area consisting of the bus stop as well as passenger facility such as food court and toilet facilities along with the direct connection to the existing railway ROB.
  • This deck area also consists of ‘Station Building’ which will be subsequently developed by Indian Railway in future.
  • Under this deck area, there is proposed basement parking for Two & Four Wheeler vehicles.

Project Benefits:

  • The amalgamation of the various existing mode of transport with the Thane Railway Station.
  • It will help to reduce the traffic around the Eastern side of Thane Railway Station.
  • To empower the public transport system with dedicated and secured elevated road.
  • Special facility for pedestrian traffic.
  • Improvement in traffic management due to proposed parking as well as facilities for private transport vehicles because of the increase in the area around the Eastern side of Thane Railway Station.
  • Saving on fuel cost and reduction of pollution in the surrounding area.
Release of Tender : Tender Published  dd
Issuance of Work Order : Work Order Issued
Date of Issue of Work order : 07/03/2019
Implementing Agency : M/s NCC SMC SATIS JV Ltd
Status : Work in progress
Cost of the Project : INR. 260.85 Cr
Duration : 36 months
Physical Progress : 70%
Financial Progress : 64%
Expenditure Till Date: INR 193.14 Cr


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